Tasteful Typography Project

Tasteful Typography Project


Here is where I designed the project in Word.

screen shot

Process: I really wanted to do something with Mothers being that it was just mothers day. I had run into so many moms recently that had “put themselves down” about being bad moms, that I wanted to make something just for them. So my audience was for mother’s. I opened the image found on google and placed it within Word. I placed text boxes and a line shape within the picture. I wanted to make the font bold but not black. It was almost too much when everything was black font. I chose a soft maroon color that I feel went well with the flow of the summer feel of the picture. I then saved it as a pdf and covered it to jpg after.

Critique Report: I had missed the Monday submission on Facebook but took advantage of showing my work to a few mothers in my area. They both suggested moving the word box down towards the middle area. It was originally towards the top left corner and then again at the far bottom left corner. There were a few more critiques such as color and font but I really liked the color of the motherhood text and left it.

Links to Images: http://influence-central.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Thinkstockphotos-472616634.jpg

Font Name/Category: Title: ENGRAVERS, Body Copy: Gill sans MT co


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