Event Ad Project

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.03.52 PM

screen shot2

Process: My message was to put on an event that would be for the community. The color scheme I followed I wanted a fun bright flow. I saw this image and knew the colors of the seats on the Ferris wheel were perfect. I tried to follow that throughout the design as well. I wanted to pick a bold fun themed font for carnival and something simple for the information.

Critique Process: I cannot remember to get on facebook for critiques to be honest. I met with a graphic designer in my ward and she suggested  the bright colors of carnival and adding a few shapes to break up where to put some information font in. As far as the shapes I am not terribly pleased with how they turned out and wanted to just get in illustrator so badly to fix them. But it has been interesting using word for sure.

Color Scheme: Yellow, Red, White

Fonts: Engravers MT (decorative), Calibri (body)

Link to image:https://pixabay.com/en/ferris-wheel-entertainment-park-731511/





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