Magazine Content & Sketches

By Tahnee Smallwood

The Magazine project is a chance for me to show my skills in Indesign, writing, and design. In my design I am going to be creating a spread of two pages of an LDS magazine article. For my audience I will be gearing it towards couples getting ready for marriage and how to be stand together in tough times.  I wrote about how during our engagement we both as a couple never received an answer about if we should get married but we had faith and it felt right.

Story: When an answer does not come

You begin dating your sweetheart and find that it is growing into more than just like. You are falling in love. You enter into a new stage of life. An engagement blossoms.

During my time at school, we found the more we dated the more we knew we would be spending our lives together. But when we prayed? We never received a yes or no on getting married.

We felt discouraged and also felt like God did not trust us enough to give us an answer.  But as we prayed and fasted, we begin to see that all the things we had focused on were actually wrong.

Praying was one thing, it was needing a change of heart on both our parts. We knew the lord trusted us and we knew it was right to continue towards marriage. But why were were not receiving an answer?

As the day to be married drew closer, we still had no answer. In fact, as we walked in the temple, knelt a crossed fro each other and said yes, we both admitted before and after that day that we never received a yes or no if it was right to be married.


Because the Lord trusted us. He trusted us to make a decision and be happy.

It can be so hard in situations like this to know God is there and listening to your prayers. But continuing forward and praying, fasting, and living a righteous life is the most important. Everything that follows without that yes or no answer is God letting you decide which way will make you happiest. Once you choose, you then work and choose to continue to love your choice.


Fonts: I am having a hard time deciding on which ones to use just yet.

Color Scheme: I want it to be pastel blue and white colors


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