8A Social Media Marketing Project

oatmeal campaign.png

I created an infographic (for the first time ever!) for Quaker Oatmeal. I wanted to raise awareness to all ages the benefits and facts of eating right and including oatmeal as a breakfast choice. I think by offering fun facts about oatmeal, it allows the reader to see it is not as old fashioned as it may come across. By holding an event to gather and eat oatmeal, it can raise awareness as well as bring the community together in the fight to stay healthy.

Process: I used the tools offered through Piktochart website.I used the free template provided and deleted the help on it. I inserted graphics from Piktochart that followed the information. I used some shapes, colors, images, and text in each block. I tried to follow a color scheme that represented brown oats and healthy hearts. (tans and red/pinks)

I did not receive critiques this week due to moving and forgetting to post it early on. This is my own fault. I think it would have helped me in designing a more stand out poster for my audience. My husband lost his job and we are in the process of moving to oregon from texas in order to have our baby.



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