Photography Activity

Back wedding

Outside sky post of my daughterBack wedding-2

Inside window post of canning peachesDSC_0659

One third rule trying to create linesDSC_0656

Lead room


Image in focus Background

not focussed

Ground in focus foreground

I love taking pictures. But oh my goodness it is so hard! I am far from being a photographer and it clearly shows. As a mom I love taking pictures but messing around with the rules, and figuring out how to blend, focus, and take a picture outside the box sure is hard!

The outdoor shot was when we went on vacation to utah. I love the red rock with the contrasting blue sky! It is bright and well lit.

The indoor picture is one of my favorites. I love peaches. We can every year and living in texas we found tons of peaches that were ready to can before the move. I took this picture by the window with great lighting I think.

Thinnest two pictures were my best attempt messing with the rule of thirds and lead room images. I lined up my son as best I could to capture some type of lines.

The foreground and background images were the ones that challenged me the most. I took these last week for another project working with self timers. I focussed on the images on the ground first and then the entire picture as a whole. I think this is one even when I am trying to do it manually I have a hard time figuring it out. My camera is quite old and will automatically shift focus when things are blurry. But I think it came out well enough.

I then took my images into lightroom and sized them down and did a copyright edit which in lightroom showed it was placed in the left corner. I am not sure how that works exactly. I enjoyed working with light room though, it was fast and easy to edit photos in bulk.


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