Photographic Study

Tahnee Smallwood_Photographic Study

Process: So this WAS SO HARD. I am NOT the best at any type of photography but have been working on this photoshoot on the side and figured it would be fun to use. Oh my goodness photoshop went so over my head with the grids, layouts, placing the photos, adding color background and text. I was amazed how much you can do within it. I definitely learned a great deal but also struggled to grasp each angle.

I was making this for an audience who would be interested in greeting cards, updates and pictures of little ones to send to family members.

One thing I learned is lighting, lighting, lighting is key.

Critique: Because of the crazy move, I actually ended up sending this out to family and see what they thought. I forgot to upload it to Facebook and missed the critique. But had great feedback. Changes I made with this included; changing the background from all white to a soft pink to flow with the pictures, changing the font color from dark black to white to stand out and messing around with exposure in photos.


One thought on “Photographic Study

  1. Charity Jacob says:

    You have a beautiful subject for this project. I really love the position on each image in your collage. The flow of it is fantastic. Each picture lead me to something else in the collage leading me throughout the whole collage. Nice job!

    You check out Liz Miller’s project at

    While you are at it, you should check mine out at


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