Project 3 Drafts

Sorry for the side views. I am not quite sure how to change that. I have been in and out this week with kids that have croup  coughs and flu. (Yay mom life). But here are the drafts that I am turning into wire frames this week. I want to create a fun lego logo that maybe creates a picture?


My idea for the scale might not make sense right now because I am not sure how to explain it. I want to scale it in a group of people,  have them use different colors, shapes and sizes and stack them as high as they can on the edges. Then see how  many the use to get a certain hight before they tip? Maybe that is not a good way to scale? Thoughts?


I thought within the app it would be fun to represent different colors and shapes of logos I will be using in the project to have information appear to the side of each that discusses different things regarding the legos, the projects steps, etc.



Its pretty rough drafted out sorry about that. But I plan to have wire frames and something drawn up on invision or another prototype app within the next day to have more feedback.


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