Module 9-12

I finally am getting this blog to work. I have not been able to access much during the move. So far I have this pretty much done. I am working on printing and putting the excel graphs together this week. I am hoping to have it done by thursday and have a group view it by saturday. I plan on printing on hard stock and making a display.

Module 12

Full Outline

Title: “You are what you eat”

Definition of topic: “How does food affect toddlers in the United States?”

Graph 1: with preservatives verses without preservatives ……learning vs dyes and preservatives.

Diagram 2: Symptoms to food dye verses no dye

Common symptoms of food-dye-related behavioral problems are:
  • Hyperactivity.
  • Inability to Concentrate.
  • Learning Disabilities.
  • Insomnia (Which Contributes to Poor Behavior)
  • Aggressive Behavior.
  • Irritability.
  • Tantrums/Meltdowns.
  • Frequent Crying Spells.

No Dye:


Chart 3:symptoms of food dyes vs no dyes

Schematics 4: Health disorders vs dye & Preservatives

Quantitative data 5: Behaviors vs dyes and preservatives

Call to action: For one month try giving your kids preservative free/ dye free foods. A list of healthy options will be on a “take with me card”


  5. testimonials of reactions to dyes


Module 11

Look at group schedule up date any new information added to project. What graphs are you using? Where are your sources from?


  5. testimonials of reactions to dyes

Module 10 Wire Frame Idea


Module 9

Ok my WordPress is not loading tonight but here is what I have written in the site. Ill link it when it saves. I changed my subject last week because this one was more interesting ha.

I was initially going to conduct research on speech therapy in children but then decided to do another topic last minutes because of some recent events with my kids. They have never had allergies (beside dairy) and recently have become allergic to anything with preservatives and dyes. While it is not uncommon I have noticed an increased difference in their behaviors at home regarding their tantrums.

Let me remind you they are 13 months apart at ages 3 and 2 (and then a newborn). So I found it great to do more research on diet in young children and see if introducing new (old foods they used to eat) into their diets would increase the tantrums or not.

We are actually normally really healthy eaters because my husband and I come from homes like that. My family is all diabetic and watching what you eat was a must.

I want to base my research on the following things to compare:

Preservative free food

dye free/ dyes

Foods containing preservatives

Allegies, behaviors and Disorders will play into each one i will compare as well. I remember reading a long time ago that the type of foods you eat affected certain disorders more than usual, attitudes, and allergies as well.

So far I have stumbled upon the site “” and found an immense amount of research I will be applying to my own children ash well as the kids in my ward whose mothers volunteered to try this “food experiment” out for me.


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